Wednesday 26 November 2014

December 2014 Calendar - FREE PRINTABLE


"due to the utter fact it has snowflakes... that means christmas time!"

We have arrived to that time of the month, where we can't quite believe how it's the LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR next week. That's right, you can read that again: the LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR. That means a lot of things, i.e. christmas is really soon, it's okay to finally put the tree up now, presents buying time and it may just snow right about now, but most importantly: time to get the new calendar! 

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It would be daft not to include christmas decorations in a calendar for December. I hope this colourful mix of ball balls (is that the official name of them? Don't think so...) can satisfy that feeling of festivity inside you!

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You know I mentioned that 'snow' earlier on in this post? Well, here we are again. It may just be cold enough for you to see the 'smoke' coming from your mouth every time you talk, but that doesn't mean we can't think about the beautiful white christmas that can just happen! Although the previous calendar is meant to be more festive, with it's ball balls and such, I feel like this one is more so - just due to the utter fact it has snowflakes, and to me, that means christmas time! However, if you live in Australia  I guess sun's would have been more appropriate! 

None-the-less, a pretty calendar is all you really need - wherever you are in the world!
What makes you feel festive?