Monday 17 November 2014

When you Just Can't Do the Day: Motivation Monday


"There are a million good things that may happen today"

You know that dreaded feeling every Sunday night. When you know you're going to have to suck it up tomorrow and commute to work in that crowded train surrounded by people snoring? Or going to school solving sums you'll never ever have to use in your lifetime, wishing you could be home or out having fun? Well, this post is for one of those days you really don't want to go.

"Pretend you have 100% battery"
Accept the thoughts. I don't want to go because I want to lie in my bed - the go-to excuse in my book. But think about it. The positives of going to work/school and the aftermath of being productive. Let's be honest, the so-called 'productive high' is pretty awesome. As they say, even it's undesirable in the short term it's worth it in the long run. If we didn't have Mon-Fri working days, would we be as excited for Sat/Sun?

 "think about the potential benefits that could come your way"
 You'd think we'd be refreshed after our relaxing weekend, right? Then comes morning and we're like 'I need to be recharged' or 'I need another weekend'. Well, for me, this works: Pretend you have 100% battery (okay, 78%?!) and you'll feel better! :D

"the so-called 'productive high' is pretty awesome"
Finally, even though you're dreading the day, think about the potential benefits that could come your way. There are a million good things that may happen today and you're not going to find out if you don't get up and get going... so move on and turn that 'I really don't want to go' to 'It could be a good day!' 

So tell me, what get's you up and going?