Friday 7 November 2014

Wahaca - Lunch in Covent Garden


"Food comes in various sizes."

As mentioned in Friday's post, last week was my week off, so obviously that means catching up with friends over lunch in London! Duh.. who really relaxes during their week off?! *looks around like she didn't sleep all day for most of the week* 

Wahaca is near Covent Garden station - it's a small, cute little Mexican restaurant inspired by Mexican Market/Street Eating.

"service was great, the atmosphere lovely"

As you walk in, you see this skeleton on a display table surrounded by macaron hearts and gingerbread men! It's so super cute and it decorated for 'The Day of the Dead'. The whole decor in Wahaca is very quirky and full of primary colours!

"small, cute little Mexican restaurant inspired by Mexican Market/Street Eating"

Food comes in various sizes. There's 'Street Food' which is recommended to order 2-3 plates per person, and there's classics with foods such as Burritos. Unfortunately for the one dish meals, there weren't many vegetarian choices. Being a vegetarian, I was a little disappointed. However, they had a few other dishes in the street food section which were vegetarian. I went with the mushroom, corn and cheese Quesadilla and it was exactly what it said on the tin. 

Overall, not a bad place to have lunch with friends, especially if you go for Frozen Yogurt at Snog down the road later, which is what we did! They did have desserts, such as churros, if you want to have your sweet treat in the same seat. The service was great, the atmosphere lovely and not too busy (bear in mind we went on Monday at around 1.30pm) and the food is good.

What's your favourite Mexican Dish?