Monday 17 August 2015

September 2015 Calendar | LIFE


"cherish the idea that it's a fresh start, no matter what you're doing this month"

As it is the month that we all remember as 'Back to School' Month. It's the month we began yet another academic year. Soon the leaves will turn brown, and as the air turns crisper it feels like a fresh start all over again (Read: Fresh, Positive Thoughts). Whether you're going about work, going to uni, sending your kids off for the first year of school or just chilling, a pretty calendar is just what you need this month. Heck, you need it every month (Read: August 2015 Calendar) but this month is a good place to start.

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The theme this month? Obviously it has to do with the trees. The brown leaves on trees are the ultimate sign that we are approaching, or in, the incredible season of Autumn. Autumn, if you didn't pick it up already, is my favourite season (Read: Autumn Inspiration). Sure, I love the Spring showers as much as the next guy (just kidding, probably much more than the next guy as most people don't like the rain, whereas I LOVE it), but there's something about the clean, fresh Autumn air that lifts my spirits. Not only that, can we just take a moment for Autumn fashion? Yep, *sigh*, it's a wonderful time.

So, make the most of your September, enjoy Freshers if you're starting uni, continue to (or start to) enjoy the work that you do and cherish the idea that it's a fresh start, no matter what you're doing this month.

Hope you have a wonderful September. Tell me, what do you think about the transition to Autumn?