Wednesday 15 January 2014

Relaxing or Sick Day Must-Haves (ft. Firmoo)


Cough. Sneeze. Tired.
It's that time of year. We're either sick with the flu, or just have the January blues where we wish it could be summer (unless you live in Australia or something, then you must be having a nice time!)….

This calls for a must-haves list for the days we want to stay in bed. Let me tell you, it's okay to not be doing things every second of the day. It's okay to have a less productive day, sometimes. Now - lets relax!

1. Snuggle

Snuggle up with your cosiest blanket on your sofa/couch. If you feel REALLY lazy, then just stay in bed - all is good! I love my pink rose blanket. I got it last year and it has come so much in handy during the cold months. I actually like it when my room is cold and I'm snuggled up in this!

2. Make Some Hot Cocoa
What is the cold without hot cocoa? Or a mug of coffee or tea. I love me some Chai Tea Latte, too! This makes you feel instantly better as the warmth makes your body warmer and you're left with a lovely taste in your mouth!

3. Ease off the Contacts!
I know when you go out and have glasses, you might prefer your contact lenses - but on relaxing days it may be time to give your eyes a rest and pull out the glasses. I got mine from Firmoo who have a range of designs you can choose from. These have a lovely tortoise design on the side of the frame. I love how fashionable these look, how intelligent you look (and feel) and how comfortably they fit! Also, I love that they aren't the typical rectangle as I find everyone and their mother has them! This is slightly different yet still has that chic touch. You can customise the glasses to be tinted, polarised and of course have the lens matched to your prescription - the website is super easy to use and delivery is great. You also get 2 cases and an eye-glass cloth. I really do recommend them. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, you can even try on the glasses online with a cool picture thing where you virtually have them on to see which glasses design fits you! AND you get your first pair free! Click here to see.

4. Watch some Flicks

We all know that watching our favourite shows, movies or even YouTube stars can brighten up our day and make you feel better! I love to have a catch up Pretty Little Liars day or something! It's a lot of fun and a great way to wind down! If you're feeling like having more of a movie night then that's good too - the other day I watched 'Now You See Me' and it's a really good movie!

5. Take a Bath

I love taking baths as they're so relaxing. Also, using luxurious products make your skin feel lovely and  you look and feel great! Maybe take in a book with you to pass the time while you soak!

6. Light a Candle
I could NOT miss this one out! Ahh even thinking about Candles makes me feel happy!

That's it for my must-haves for a relaxing day! If you're ill right now, I hope you get well soon - and if you just need a relaxing day.. just relax ;)
What are your Relaxing/Sick day must-haves, leave a comment?!