Wednesday 1 January 2014

New Year: Jar of Goals


It's New Year's Day so I thought I'd come to you with a FRESH new idea, for a FRESH new year! Oh my goodness, that rhymes! In my last post I made a rhyme too! I'm on a roll!

Anyway, so for this year of 2014 - which truly did creep up on us - I wanted to have something that would remind me of how I felt at this very moment in one years time! You may or may not remember how you wanted the year of 2013 to turn out,  I don't remember what I was feeling and I didn't really set any goals.

This time I want something to open in one years time to see how far I've come - how much I've changed over time. This idea will allow you to do just this!

You will need:
- A jar (or bottle or container of some sort)
- Paper
- Pen
- The skills to write, fold papers, and open jars!

It's a pretty simple idea, really. Just write your goals/new years resolutions and put them in a jar!

Cut up the paper into the number of pieces you need depending on how many goals you have - I did 12
Write them down - maybe draw an image!
Fold them into whatever you like - I did triangles! 
Put in the jar
For you, this might seem pointless as you can't see the resolutions you've made, but in this case that's not the point. It's just to open in a years time to see if you've overcome/reached the goals and see how much you've progressed.

You may have heard of the 'Memory Jar' where you write something good of the day and put it in a jar to open and read on New Years Eve - I personally can't trust myself to remember to do this, so I feel this is a better idea! However, if you're more committed and have a better memory than I, then feel free to do that. Instead of writing the notes now, do them throughout the year of memories instead of goals!

Well, this is a little extra than just a post saying 'Happy New Year', so I hope you have an idea you can do!
Anyway, wishing you a Happy New Year!!