Monday 27 January 2014

Manicure Monday - OPI dupe Edition


If you read this blog last week then you would have seen the post of OPI's new collection: Raw Granite. I did mention that you can dupe the shades with a bit of tweaking of the polishes you have and guess what I did? Yep, I tried it! So, obviously, you had to know, right?! haha!

Well, the colour I tried to dupe was Lapis. This is one of the new polishes out from that collection. Actually, my friend had the polish on and when I asked her she said it was from OPI's new collection - so obviously I screamed and started jumping up and down because I had posted the blog post about it the day before I saw her wearing it… anyway, so it encouraged me even more to try to dupe it!

As you know from previous Mani Mondays, I love Barry M - their quality is amazing and the price is perfect! Using a sparkle top coat - with a very light hand - achieved the diamond sparkle look that the OPI polishes have, and finally using the Rimmel Matte Top Coat made the finish matte, the same finish as the OPI polish!

Blue = Barry M, Christmas Blue
Glitter = Barry M, Yellow Topaz
Matte Finish = Rimmel, Pro Matte Finish

I think it turned out okay!
What do you think, what's your manicure for this week? Oh, and if you would like to see a review of the Matte Top Coat, let me know!