Friday 24 January 2014

Desk/Home Office Inspiration!


Thank Goodness It's Friday. I thought I'd post this so you might get some inspiration to do some DIY this weekend!

Well, productivity should be full blast right now. If you're a college student like I am, then this week may have been Mock Week/Month. I had quite a few Mocks this month, luckily I did some last month before Christmas break, so there weren't as many exams as there could have been! Anyway, that means we should be studying.

However, if the area in which you work is not sorted, or doesn't make you feel happy, then you're less likely to study/work well enough, believe it or not! I find that if the area that I am working in is a mess, my mind won't work straight.

Yet you might be the type of person that likes clutter? Lets be honest, we only REALLY say we like clutter when we cannot be bothered to tidy said clutter away!


I like having a nice view from my desk too. It used to be facing a wall (see a picture in this post) but that got boring pretty quickly for me! This picture was actually taken in autumn when the sun was nice and golden throughout the day. Nowadays we tend to get overcast or fog hiding that beautiful sun! 

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These two desk areas are lovely. They're minimalistic, have very little clutter - which is the best way to go, and the colours are all very easy on the eye. I like the stationary and small decor pieces yet nothing overwhelming or anything to distract focus.


This picture was taken at night so doesn't look as bright but I like to keep plants on my windowsill. I've heard looking at natural plants and greenery is great for your eyesight and makes you feel good. 

Green being a colour connoting success, wealth and growth, it's perfect for the study. I mean when you see them grow over the days, it's really nice! Oh, and this is the type of plant that if you forget to water it for a couple of days, it won't die… just the type I need! haha! (species: Jade Plant) 

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Both of these desks are made out of glass which give a modern, clean vibe. I also have a glass on top of my desk and love it because I can jot notes with whiteboard pens which rub out (and can be colourful). Also, because I can slide papers and notes underneath the glass so it's visible yet there's no clutter.

I got mine from which provided great customer service and delivered it to my door.
They also provide mirrors and frames - which is what I like about the first image - which adds another clean vibe to the room. 

Finally, creating a studious atmosphere with books and files may just make the room feel complete. 

I hope you have gotten some inspiration for your desk to get that all important work done.

Oh, and have offered a DISCOUNT code for YOU - enter BerryBloomXO at checkout to receive 20% off your glass/mirror or anything! 

What can you not live without at your desk or What helps you work/study?