Monday 20 January 2014

New OPI Collection: Raw Granite


Happy Monday!  For the last week or so (feels like forever) I've left my nails bare - so, it's definitely time to give them a fresh coat! I was looking for some new nail colours that are out right now to give me inspiration on what colour to paint my nails next and came across this beautiful collection by OPI: Raw Granite.

You may have heard of Granite being used as one of the more expensive counter tops for your kitchen, yet heard of OPI's new collection: Raw Granite?
Well, the shades are worth looking into and reading about!

via OPI
These all have a Matte Textured finish and have Diamond Dust in them too - doesn't that sound lovely!
These polishes can either go edgy with a matte look or you can go elegant by applying a top coat and letting the diamond dust do its magic!

via source
"Lapis" and "Pewter" are the late comers in terms of this collection and have recently been released. The gorgeous gunmetal and navy shades are perfect for Winter 2014 and have already been a big hit.

I love the way these look and if you have a similar colour at home, but not in a matte finish, do what I did in my other Mani Monday post and apply a matte top coat - trust me, it does wanders and makes the polish you're wearing look a different colour! I will try it and let you know how it looks!

Oh, and before I leave you with a question of the day, let's just admire the beauty of the packing that OPI have come up with!

What do you think of Diamond Dust in nail polish? Over the top or pretty cool?