Wednesday 23 April 2014

Easy way to Deep Clean your Technology


Maybe it's the season, the sun shining and the spring cleaning 'bug' - but whatever it is, I felt the need to clean the thing I use most: My Laptop. Are you with me?!
Obviously, being the clean freak that I am, I have cleaned my laptop prior to using 'CyberClean' but it wasn't that effective.. read on to find out why!

Well, this product is totally handy for cleaning and screen - your TV screen, Computer Screen, Phone Screen and in this case, Laptop Screen! It comes with a little holder and a cleaning solution which is squirted out using the spray. After spraying you use the felt at the back to wipe the screen. 

I'm not sure if you can see the difference from the pictures but any finger print marks and dust disappeared and, in the after shot you can see how much clear the screen is! 
When I'd clean it before, I'd usually somehow still end up with dust on the screen or some inevitable random fluff - but with the felt on the spray, it really got everything and the shape of it was great for rounded corners too! 

In addition, Cyber Clean sell this compound that intrigued me - mainly due to the selling point of reaching the hard-to-reach areas of the keys. The compound is basically goo. It's actually quite fun to handle and smells citrus-y - very clean! Notice in the 'After' picture above, you can see the shape of the keys and some dirt on the compound gathered from cleaning.

It's super easy - and kind of fun - to clean the keyboard. I also cleaning the edges of the laptop and pretty much everywhere!

In addition, I cleaned my keyboard cover too - and it worked quite well! It reached around the keys too, and was left as good as new! 

I totally recommend the screen and keyboard set from CyberClean! It will make your cleaning so much easier, trust me, and if you're a bit of a clean freak like me, then I'm sure you'll be glad this came into your life! 

Here are the links to the website:

Tell me, what is your one favourite cleaning product?!

*Product sent for PR purposes, it doesn't bias the review in any way.