Monday 7 April 2014

Motivation Monday: Live Life Now


Happy Monday! I've got an extra special reason why this monday is a happy one - I'm home for the next 2 weeks! Yay! But that doesn't mean you can't be happy with your Monday, anyway! Everyday should be a happy day, right?! Thus leading onto the first part of the post...

Everyday should be a good day, just enjoy life! What's a life waiting for the next day to be a good one, when you can make today a good one! It's fun to be happy! 

Adding to that, obviously there are things we cannot control. Maybe someone did something that made you feel down, or something happened you wish didn't. Guess What? We can't really change what happened. We can move on, make it better if we can, or just make now/today the best it can be! 

Finally, I'll leave you today will a happy Giraffe! Because this Giraffe looks really happy, makes me happy and I hope you're happy! (I couldn't say happy one more time in that sentence, could I?! haha!) 

What is your word of Happy Advice?! 

*Images are not mine, I had them saved and do not know the source..