Friday 4 April 2014

BerryReads: Losing It by Cora Carmack


Another week, another Friday and another Book Review! Before last week I could have easily said I haven't read a book in ages. You know the feeling: it's like you want to read but somehow can't find the time and excuses excuses.... Yet I thought it was time to jump back on the bandwagon as reading is a nice sense of escapism and puts our imagination to good use. At the right time and the right place, this book stepped into my life, due to spontaneously downloadng the book after reading a book review (here) - and am I glad I did!

Losing it is about a girl in college in Texas experiencing the joys of college life, but there one thing she hasn't done.

Blurb: Bliss Edwards is about to graduate from college and still has hers. Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, she decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as quickly and simply as possible-- a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier. 

So I guess it seems like quite a typical story line, think PLL Ezria - but it's not all about that it may seem. The book is packed with humour, awkwardness and friendship. What I liked about it is that it is not all perfection on the girls behalf, it's more realistic. I like the way you can clearly imagine everything, from the location of the apartments to the actions of her best friends. The book is very well written and the storyline is fun!

If you're looking for a rom com, chick flick kind of book - this is for you. It's filled with humour, girl problems and all the components of a chick flick! 
Having read this in about a week, when I normally take about 3, it's definitely a book you will not want to put down.

I am literally on the last 20 pages of the book and have loved every moment of it so far, hence why I'll be reading the other books in the series!

Have you read any RomComs books that you recommend?