Friday 18 April 2014

BerryReads: The Fault In Our Stars


Well, you're probably quite annoyed at how much TFIOS has been hyped about (mentioned it about 4 times on BBXO alone!) - but one more post won't hurt you, right?! On the other hand, you may love TFIOS and don't mind reading another post! Either way, lets read on! :D

I actually finished reading the book and have got to say: It was quite moving! I love the story behind it but the ending I didn't love!! Throughout the whole story, Hazel, the protagonist, has a favourite book which ends abruptly without all the questions answered and I feel TFIOS kind of ends like that - though not as badly! Wait, does that mean there's going to be a sequel?! :O

Anyway, I liked how the book really made me realise how lucky I am - it shows the way a person with cancer feels, yet I love the idea behind it that they can still live a fantastic life, which I have always believed. Everyone deserves an amazing life and I love that the book portrays it.

If I am honest, considering how hyped up the book is, I don't feel it completely met my expectations and high hopes for it. Although it wasn't the best book I have ever read, it was a lovely one, with a great moral behind the story to live life the best you can everyday - which reminds me of a motivation monday post! I do recommend the book, yet just a warning to you that it has been overhyped! The movie is coming out this summer and I am excited to see how they have transformed it into a motion picture!

Have you read TFIOS? What do you think?

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