Monday 21 April 2014

Motivation Monday - Excitement is Good!


Yet another Monday has arrived at our doorstep, but this Monday is different... It's Easter Bank Holiday Monday! Wooo! Okay, you may be thinking I am over exaggerating with how excited I am about this day, but that's kind of the point of this post...

As we grow older, somehow our brains seem to think that getting excited over the small stuff is very weird - or unacceptable. It makes us feel as though we're childish and immature. Honestly, though, the youth are said to be the best years of our life - so why purposely (or unconsciously) try to rid that happiness sooner than necessary? 

Is it wrong to be excited about the smallest things? No. Would people think it's weird? Maybe. Well, you know that you can never make every single person in the world happy - so do it for the person that matters most in the world to you: YOU.

For the last couple of days, I have been happy for no particular reason, yet for almost every reason. Making the most of the situation. Admiring the beautiful things in life and just smiling.
The quote about is very true - there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.

Okay, I understand that it is almost (I said ALMOST) impossible to Always be happy - yet the time we spend unhappy is time not well spent. Try and be happy, even when it feels impossible. Look at the things you love most. Make the most out of the things you have to do and hopefully you'll find something beautiful..

So, this Motivation Monday may seem a bit cliché, but I feel it's important to tell you to be happy. Even though you've read it in more than one other motivation monday - I still believe the overall goal in life is to be happy.

I hope you have a fabulous Bank Holiday Monday if you're in the UK, or just a Beautiful day anyway!

Tell me a beautiful thing you've seen today, maybe the look of your tea this morning, or the flowers in  the garden, or the look on your dogs face when you gave it some breakfast - what has been a beautiful thing you've seen today?