Friday 21 August 2015

New TV Shows, GBBO is Back, Candles + Meeting Olympians | BERRYWEEKLY


"their show stopper bakes are very much 'on point'! ;)"

What a week it is been! I feel like after results day I have said the word 'uni' a billion times. Not only has results day come and gone, but The Great British Bake Off has also begun! Having also recently gone to an event to meet some pretty famous Olympians and those that help behind the scenes, I can say it's been a good time!

"the scent is not very strong but is surprisingly quite fresh"

As for a brand new TV Show, Scandal has been my go-to. There's something about the drama and the gorgeous Olivia Pope fixing everything that makes the show quite interesting. Although every episode they always end up fixing the problem, it's a show that is great to have running in the background.

As for The Great British Bake Off, if anything it's a tradition (Read: Last Years GBBO post). They have some pretty interesting contestants this year, and their show stopper bakes are very much 'on point'! ;)

"the melted wax look like it's, almost, glowing!"

Hydrangeas are my new favourite flower to decorate my room with. We have about 4 huge hydrangea plants so they're readily available! I also picked up a 3-wick candle in the scent Champagne Cassis. I like that the scent is not very strong but is surprisingly quite fresh.

As for the quote, I saw it somewhere and ended up saving it on my phone (Read: Phone Wallpapers). I think it's a lovely quote to remind you to keep on going, and make everyday something special (Read: Cherish the Moment).
"if we see things as an opportunity and have a positive outlook, we are more likely to just do it"
This is actually a photo I stuck up on my Instagram (Link Here) a little while ago. Doesn't it look really cool?! I put the candle on my desk which has glass on top. This made the melted wax look like it's, almost, glowing!

This week, I've also been loving this shirt. I have a thing for lace and flowy/chevron blouses and think this is such a lovely one for summer! The bright colour is super fun, and you know what's better? The super good price tag! You can get it at - yes everything is $10 or less!

"The showers and lockers and all were super nice and high quality"

On August the 5th this year, it marked one year before the 2016 olympics! Fitness First had a few bloggers over and we were given three 15 minute sessions on various parts of olympic training. By that, I mean we had a session on working out, a session on nutrition and a session on psychology. Surprisingly, there's a lot to how the brain works, and the fact that if we see things as a threat we are more likely to make excuses, whereas if we see things as an opportunity and have a positive outlook (Read: Positive Thoughts), we are more likely to just do it. 

"it marked one year before the 2016 olympics"

Not only did we hear great tips and learn so many things, but we (obviously) got to see the beautiful place that Fitness First have. We went to the one in Bishopsgate, and as it's in central London, I thought it'd be pretty small and that it'd be super cramped. Well, let me tell you, it was super spacious and they used the space quite well. You had 2 flights of stairs, and in between the first and second flight you had the spin room and the ladies changing room. The showers and lockers and all were super nice and high quality, as well as the cleanliness being a high standard!

All in all, a lovely week! 
What did you get up to this week? Oh, and are you looking forward to the Olympics? 

***I was able to attend the event for free, but was not told I had to write about Fitness First or the Olympics.