Wednesday 5 August 2015

Summer Special Desktop Wallpapers | TECH


"What did my brain tell me to do at that time in the morning? Go out and take photos"

I went on holiday a few weeks ago, to the beautiful land of Egypt! It was gorgeous, totally scenic, to say the least. Now, I could have done a travel post (Read: Little Venice Travel Post), but decided against it. Yet, I couldn't let all of these beautiful photos go to waste - and then it hit me. I was using one of the photos (the 6th one down, to be precise), to set as my desktop background and thought "HEY, why don't I use the photos to make a blog post for the use of desktop backgrounds?!". So, here we are. Take a look:

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We were staying at the Hilton in a gorgeous sea view room, and this was the view from the balcony. During the beginning and towards the end of the day, the sky was foggy, misty yet beautiful, and the scene was one to remember. 

THE VIBE: I love the blue hues, which bring about the sense of calmness. 

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There was a shisha bar at the top, and this was the way it was decorated. It had gorgeous fairy lights, the most comfy, multicoloured seating area and an incredible view of the red sea.

THE VIBE: This one brings about the 'summer nights' idea, where everything is fun, carefree and... cosy!

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There's a story behind this one. See the colour of the sky? That's the way it was during sunrise. It was the second night in and my body clock woke me up at 4am. Why? I have no idea. What did my brain tell me to do at that time in the morning? Go out and take photos of the sunrise I could see peaking through the balcony curtains. I did just that. 

THE VIBE: Zen, collected, calm. 

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Quite obviously, this was taken at the beach. The thing about the beach where we were staying that was just amazing was the colour of the sea. It was clear, pale blue quite far in, and then suddenly a change to a deep blue. The water was crystal clear, and the coolest thing about the pale blue waters? There were fishies! Yes, fishes were swimming right up close. Is that common? Of the places I'd been to, I don't remember ever seeing something quite like that.

THE VIBE: Chilling at the beach, clarity.

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This was also taken during the sunrise. The silhouettes of the palm trees are my favourite (this is the lock screen on my phone.. see that post here soon too!).

THE VIBE: L.A. vibes (but really, Egypt). ;) 

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This is the one on my background. It's so chill, there's not much going on, yet at the same time there's a lot of things to see. It's beautiful and so... clean!

THE VIBE: Clear, clean mind, fresh.

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The story behind this one? We were on a speed boat - how pretty does the sea look?! This one is quite simple, yet it's cool seeing the island from another view point. i.e. seeing the island from far out in the ocean.

THE VIBE: Life from a different viewpoint. 

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We went to a different part of Egypt via speedboat to get on a glassboat, in which we saw fishes swimming underneath us, which were far out in the water. In fact, we also saw the worlds second largest coral, too (the largest is in Australia, according to the guy driving the boat!).

THE VIBE: Classic seaside.

I hope you like the twist on the travel post.
Tell me, what do you think of the wallpapers, and which is your favourite?