Wednesday 12 August 2015

Summer Nail Picks by Kirsty from KIMAMELY BEAUTY | GUEST POST

Hello! Today we have a guest post from the lovely Kirstie from and we're talking all things Summer nails! She has picked out very pretty colours, and I'm sure you'll love hearing all about it! Love, Puja x

Hi Everyone, its Kirstie from Kimamely Beauty here. First of all, I just want to say a huge thanks to Puja for letting me guest post on her lovely blog! This collaboration is distinctly nail-themed, as she has posted her summer edition of the Manicure Menu series over on my blog. This post has a similar vibe, dedicated to the brightest of bright shades to be rocking for poolside summer chic.
I know pastels are having their moment round about now, but when it comes to summer, I am all about the brights. It's something to do with the way they pop with a tan and transform the ugliest of feet into looking pretty special, paired with a cute pair of sandals. I've picked out five of my favourite bright shades from my nail polish collection and I've tried to include a range of brands and formulas (although we all know I could go on about Barry M 'til the cows come home). 

First up is It's A Scorcher! from Rimmel (discontinued but available from Amazon for £1.99). Quite possibly the sunniest of orange shades, this is perfect for those blazing hot days. It has some subtle golden shimmer in there too which makes your nails glint in the sunshine, and I love that it is a true popsickle-orange shade.
Maybelline boasts one of my most-loved nail polish formulas to date. Their Superstay 7 Day Forever Strong Nail Polishes were hot property last summer and found their way onto the best of the blogs. I picked up bright coral shade Hot Salsa (£4.49) and it had me covered on my holiday to Greece last year. Could this be the perfect summer shade? It is one I always come back to, and one my go to formulas.

I picked up the next shade after seeing in one of Essie Button's favourites videos and it is incredible! Up The Ante from Revlon's ColorStay Gel Envy line (£6.99) sure does hold similarities to its doppelganger in lipstick form, MAC's Up The Amp.Whilst not my favourite formula ever, it is the vivid magenta colour that really secures a place in my heart, and most importantly a place on my fingertips.
The electric blue Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Polish in the shade Pop Fiction is the cheapest offering in my selection, coming in at a penny less than two pounds. I really rate Miss Sporty for a good budget option with loads of colours and a pretty decent formula. Pop Fiction is a really fun primary blue which definitely reminds me of Vibrato, part of this year's Bleu Rhythm de Chanel collection.
Finally touching base with Barry M, and I've gone for one of the Gelly Hi-shine polishes in Greenberry (£3.99). For the summer I can't resist some kind of turquoise shade, trying to capture that mermaid-esque vibe when I'm floating in the pool. Greenberry was the first ever Gelly shade that I bought, and I've been obsessed ever since. I love that the shade is edging on the greenish rather than blue end of the wavelength, which makes it that bit more individual and unexpected.

I hope you've enjoyed my summer nail picks, and once again thank you so much Puja for letting me guest post! You can check out her post on my blog here and whilst you're there I'd love it if you browsed some of my other posts. I blog a mix of beauty and lifestyle, with posts about my current makeup obsessions and Music Mondays being some of my favourites to write. I'm also on Bloglovin', and don't forget to say hey on Twitter if you stop by!
Kirstie xx