Wednesday 19 August 2015

BPerfect Mineral Power + Primer (Banana Powder DUPE) ft. Ben Nye | BEAUTY


"allow you to create a finish that looks less cakey"

If you've been in the beauty loop for a while (Read: New Maybelline Lip Colors) , you'd know of the oh-so-famous Ben Nye Banana Powder that has taken our world by storm (link here). By that, I mean it has been given good review after good review, yet the only thing that may stop one from buying that thing? It's not the easiest thing to get a hold of, especially if you do not live in the states! There are many knock off's out there, and being Kim K's staple, it obviously has high demand! Yet, when I was told BPerfect have released a dupe of said Banana Powder, I was more than excited to give it a shot and compare.

"BPerfect is a much more available product"

The first thing I noticed was the difference in the powder itself. Not only is the Ben Nye powder a slightly warmer tone, which of course you can choose from a variety on the BPerfect site, but the texture of the powers are different. The Ben Nye Banana Powder is a lot thinner, and has been milled to a finer finish whereas the BPerfect is a lot thicker.

As shown in the picture above, it would take more to fully blend in the BPerfect powder than the Ben Nye. Having said that, both do blend in quite well, though the Ben Nye would be more likely to fit a variety of skin tones. I do think that if you were to use the powder as a setting powder, the Ben Nye would allow you to create a finish that looks less cakey. Though I'm sure you can achieve a similar look with the BPerfect, you would have to be more careful, due to the thicker mill of the powder.

"well let's say they've really nailed it"

Either way, I do think they're quite similar, but for me, the Ben Nye wins the fight, but just by a slight amount. The BPerfect is a much more available product (link here), if you are looking for a dupe. Though, if you are going to buy one and are willing to invest, I'd go with the Ben Nye.

BPerfect also have a primer. This primer that I speak off, well let's say they've really nailed it. 

"makes the colour a lot more vibrant, and it looks smoother"

Not only is the packaging beautiful, which I'm a sucker for, but the product itself is great! It's a clear colour so will suit everyone. The primer also blends very well, creating a smooth/velvety layer for you to apply your makeup onto. You only need a tiny bit, which will go a long way.

Just in case you're not entirely sold by my brief description above, look at the images. It's the same eyeshadow colour on top of a part of my hand with the primer, and again on a part without the primer. The primer area makes the colour a lot more vibrant, and it looks smoother. Not only that, it is easier to apply without any unwanted creases forming. If nothing else, I will be using this for my eye makeup/concealer area! 

Overall, an upcoming brand that has a few great products that you need to check out. If you're only going to buy one thing from their range, I'd go with the primer!
Check out their other range here.

Tell me, do you use a 'Banana Powder', and is primer a staple for you?