Monday 24 August 2015

Cool for the Summer, Tattoo, Poison + Wings | MUSIC MONDAY


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Well, Birdy has gone and done it again.
Every so often I feel there's like a sudden burst of great music released into the world. Obviously, this isn't the case and music is released in no particular order, but right now it definitely feels like there's been that burst! Additionally, you haven't seen a Music Monday for a while on BBXO (Read: Summer Playlist), so this post comes at a good time for us!


Everybody has been loving this song, and Demi has done a great job! It's so catchy! :D

TATTOO (ACOUSTIC) - Hilary Duff 

Lizzie McGuire, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, A Cinderella Story, Sweet Sixteen, anything Hilary Duff you name it, I've probably had an obsession phase over. So, when she released Sparks and her other songs after a few years of being M.I.A., you can only guess my excitement! When I discovered this song, however, I was very, very happy

POISON - Rita Ora

My liking of Rita Ora was originally established during the last season of The Voice UK (Read: Music from The Voice Auditions). Her singing talent is incredible, and I love this song! 

WINGS - Birdy

Remember Skinny Love? Although I was a little late on that bandwagon when I heard it, I was instantly in awe - she's so talented! Well, Birdy has gone and done it again.

Tell me, are there any favourite artists you are LOVING right now?