Wednesday 26 August 2015

5 Emojis I Loathe | LIFE


"[if you] have used them in the last week... don't talk to me - just kidding :)."
We all know there's that one emoji that makes you a little annoyed. Well, is it completely out of the ordinary to have 5 of those? That's right. 5 stinking emoji's I don't like when they're used. Don't get me wrong, use them sarcastically and I'm lol-ling with you, but actually mean it and I get a little irritated. 

"that one emoji that makes you a little annoyed"

There's always that one person that uses every single one of these, and I'm just gritting my teeth trying not to swear at them for being such Negative Nellies! Maybe it's because I try to not use them, as I don't want to feel as though the world is terrible, and everything bad is happening and think all these negative thoughts putting me in a negative place (Read: Stay Positive).

So, stick to :) and :D and ;) , stay positive and if you're using the above 5 for a laugh, go for it, but if you actually mean it and have used them more than 3 times in the last week... don't talk to me - just kidding :).

I'll sort of create this as a tag, so if you're a blogger/youtuber that wants to do this tag, I TAG YOU.

What is your most hated emoji?