Monday 3 August 2015

My Favourite Face Suncreen | BEAUTY


"it's incorporated into my everyday routine, because prevention is key, right?"

We've heard it a million times: wear SPF. It's anti-aging, prevents wrinkles and decreases the development of skin cancer. Yet, there are so many things about sunscreens that don't seem so pleasant. i.e. the weird smell, the break outs, greasy-ness and the blocked pores. That was pretty much the reason I avoided the product, and didn't feel it was "worth it" to have it in my routine - until now.

When you've found that hallelujah product, you just feel this inner sense of contentment. Well, this is the product that makes me feel content, and the reason for that? 

  1. It's hypo-allergenic, meaning it's great for even the most sensitive skin. 
  2. It doesn't block my pores, and there's no where near the amount of breakouts I'd get if I were to use the other sun blocks I've used in the past. 
  3. It doesn't have any sort of strong scent,
  4. is not greasy and 
  5. it provides me with SPF 50
What more could a girl want? 

I use it on days that are rain, wind or snow, and of course on days that are super sunny - it's incorporated into my everyday routine, because prevention is key, right?

I get a tiny amount on my fingers, about half a pea size, then tap it to spread it out on my 4 fingers and then tap onto my face. You only need a thin layer to keep you protected. I usually put it on top of my moisturiser but you can also mix your moisturiser with the sun screen and then apply - but it's completely up to you!

My mum uses this sun block, hence the reason I got into it. This is my second bottle from the brand, yet my first bottle was the anti-dark spot version that I adored. The glow it gave me was incredible. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find it anywhere and think they've discontinued it *sad face* - yet this is a close substitute. 

Tell me, are you a saint or a sinner when it comes to SPF?